Public Portal
Share your roadmap, get feedback, and celebrate recent launches with your customers.
GLIDR project workspace UI
Portfolio Dashboard
Take in feedback from anyone, anywhere
Understanding what users really value is the key to shipping products they will love and use. With the Public Portal, you can open up a direct and easy connection to your users and internal stakeholder so they can share feedback on your roadmap and give you the data points you need to make confident product decisions.
Portfolio Dashboard
Gather new feature ideas from the crowd
Giving your users a voice in your product direction can have a valuable impact on growth. When users visit your portal, in addition to giving feedback on the ideas you are considering, they can also submit new ideas, give your some context about how the request would help them and assign a rating to let you know how important it is to them.
Portfolio Dashboard
Share what you're building and what's already built
Communicate your product direction, so that both users and internal stakeholders can see what you’re considering, what’s coming next and what you’ve already built. Selectively choose your audience and the elements of your roadmap they see, making sure the right people understand the trajectory of your product.
It's more than just a portal. Way more.
Keep Execs Up to Speed
by showing them the new features you’re considering, what you’re working on now, and all the cool stuff you’ve already shipped.
Capture Feature Requests
by sharing an internal roadmap so that sales, customer success and executive teams can provide feedback and understand what’s coming next.
Create an Easy Feedback Pipeline
by making it easy for users to submit ideas for new features and tell you how important those requests are so you can better prioritize them.
Share Product Direction
by publishing specific ideas from your roadmap and letting users share what they think, what they would do with them and why they are or are not valuable.
Celebrate What You Build
by creating a page in your public roadmap for what you have already launched, so that users have a place to discover features they may have missed.
Give Roadmap Visibility
by showcasing new features you launch, keeping your company excited about what your team is accomplishing and the product you’re building.
Find out what these product teams already know
GLIDR helps us figure out where the customer need really is, and how to solve the right problem! We have several new businesses with prospects in the billion dollar range by getting those two things right.
Ryan Pletka
VP of Strategy, Black & Veatch
Customer 1
I do want to say you guys have really built an impressive tool. I evaluated extensively the last 8 weeks Aha, ProductBoard, ProductPlan,, ProdPlan in particular, and you have a superior product and approach in my opinion, I congratulate you.
Aaron Peebles
Principal, Get It
Customer 2
Two badass tools I wish I knew about earlier: @glidr and @figma design.
Chris Schetter
Director of Product Management, CargoSense
Customer 3
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