Upgrade Your Innovation Portfolio
GLIDR Enterprise helps your company bridge the gap between ideation and successful commercialization.
Lean Startup At Scale
Leverage the proven benefits of lean methodology across your portfolio.
Increase Your Hit Rate
Build better products by building shared understanding of customer needs and jobs-to-be-done.
Improve Collaboration
Break down silos with cross-functional teams collaborating in GLIDR.
Enterprise 1
Project dashboard
Stay up to date on progress and trends
Skillfully manage each project with a qualitative project summary and quantitative data. Make decisions to advance stages and allocate resources. View priorities and key stats on velocity, experiment duration, financials and market size.
Enterprise 2
Portfolio dashboard
Visibility across all projects
Make smarter decisions across your portfolio and across different horizons of innovation. Enable improved company-wide agility and pattern recognition, and keep important stakeholders updated with an executive summary perfect for leadership or major investors.
Enterprise 3
Easy organization of projects
Collections act as smart folders to categorize and sort your projects by horizon, department, technical areas, strategic opportunity areas, or any other groupings you use.
Enterprise 4
Customizable Stages
Track project and portfolio progress
Stay aligned with your company's defined process. GLIDR can track progress through any predefined innovation stages.
Enterprise 5
Horizons of innovation
Categorize by degree of disruption
There are projects designed to maintain and defend your core business. Then there are those meant to nurture emerging businesses or develop entirely new businesses. Understand your portfolio makeup with GLIDR.
Enterprise 6
Set up your portfolio to track strategic objectives
Use collections, stages and custom fields to build your portfolio in a way that makes strategic sense for your organization. Customize field names to fit your organization's vocabulary and needs.
Enterprise 7
Project states
Dynamic knowledge base that grows with you
Keep your focus on active projects, while benefitting from the growing value of your historical archive. As active projects conclude, the backlog provides a ready queue of new projects.
Enterprise Ready
GLIDR Enterprise enables the security and feature set that large organizations require.
Audit Logs
Admins can see full audit logs at any point. See who changed what, and when.
Role-Based Access Control
GLIDR is a permission-based platform. People can be added to an organization as an Owner, Admin or Member and separately given one of 4 access levels to each project.
Single Sign-On (coming soon)
Use your preferred leading SSO provider to control and simplify access to your company's GLIDR instance.
Private Instance Options
GLIDR's default setup is multi-tenant. If required, we can set up a private instance for your company for an additional charge.
Start building better products
Thank you for your interest in GLIDR. Our team will reach out to you shortly.